“It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do and then do your best.”

– W. Edwards Deming

Stiza leads the process of creating a strategic plan that will help you do your job better and also help you do better work.
With the Hoshin Kanri approach, Stiza supports you in identifying your strategic priorities and creating plans to spread and align these priorities across the organization.
We contribute to effective follow-up by setting targets and metrics to ensure the realization of strategic priorities.

A strong vision is essential to having a good strategic plan. We review your vision, mission, and values with you. We ensure that the vision expresses the company’s dream and where the company wants to reach while arousing excitement among employees.
We review competitors, discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and determine which areas we need to be stronger than our competitors.

A strategic plan that does not focus on customers has little chance of success. Stiza first enables you to identify your company’s most important customer values.
Many values, such as product/service quality, fast and timely delivery, ability to produce solutions, ease of business, brand perception, and product range, are essential to our customers. Some of these values significantly impact your customers’ decision to do business with you. Which value propositions are more important may vary from sector to sector, depending on the target customer base and time.
With Stiza’s support, you can see, analyze and prioritize the values you offer and the difference between you and your competitors against the prior expectations of your target audience.
Thus, you use your limited resources to develop the preferred customer values.

Another factor that affects our strategic priorities is external variables, such as economic, technological, or political factors.
With SWOT and PESTEL analysis, Stiza supports you in first identifying your opportunities and threats and then identifying goals and activities that will help you seize opportunities in a timely and effective manner while avoiding these threats.
We lead you to establish selective priorities by identifying the strengths you need to capitalize on opportunities.
Evaluations and analyses of the past year are other factors that can influence our strategic priorities.

Every year is a different experience that offers development opportunities. Stiza guides you to reflect on your experiences on your strategic priorities with the analysis and different perspectives it provides.
One of the essential principles of strategic priorities is “less is more.” Where many things are priorities, nothing may be a priority.
With this three-step analysis (the customer value propositions, the right opportunities, and the awareness provided by the past year’s experience), we help you reach a consensus on your strategic priorities.

The road to the top is full of ups, downs, and zigzags. Without a good plan, it is not possible to accomplish this challenging journey. Stiza supports you in setting goals and KPIs that will guide you to achieve your strategic priorities.
Stiza establishes an environment where you can sustain Management by OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) by setting all goals at the level of departments, teams, and individuals.

Stratejik Planlama Alt Başlıkları

Vision Review

Competitor Analysis

Customer Value Proposition Analysis

SWOT and PESTEL Analysis

Strategic Priorities and Objectives

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