Empowering Growth Through Strategic Planning and


Empowering Growth Through Strategic Planning and




What are we doing?

Where OKRs and Strategy Converge for Unbeatable Results.

Strategic Planning

Stiza leads the process of creating a strategic plan that will enable you to do your job better and do the right things.

Management by OKRs

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology to align your employees with your vision and strategic priorities. We ensure you execute the suitable targets decisively, carrying your company to your dream place.

Operational Excellence

With Operational Excellence, we improve your processes and value streams to achieve business results that will bring you to your goals.


Who is Stiza?

We founded Stiza with the idea of a better approach to management consulting. In all sectors of the business world, it brings operational excellence practices together with strategic priorities and targets and guides you to reach the correct answers quickly.

Years of Experience

Our Mission

We exist to increase and develop the competitiveness of the organizations we serve by producing viable and result-oriented projects. We play an essential role in improving their growth and profitability.

Our Vision

We want to be a consultancy company that offers the most understandable, easiest-to-apply, and fastest way to reach the result to perfect the operations of companies from almost every sector.

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