Identifying the value propositions that most influence your customers’ collaboration decisions are important. We will help you prioritize and score them from the perspective of your target customer base.
We set goals and priorities to ensure that all company employees are aligned with the same value propositions. In addition, we support creating an environment where actual value creation for your customers takes place.
We want to focus on the most critical and prioritized value propositions because it is not in our interest to try to perfect a value that customers do not find meaningful.
Customer value propositions vary across industries, customers, and even dynamics.

We try to identify the most accurate and prioritized customer values with the help of customer-facing departments such as sales and marketing.

Organizing a workshop where we can hear these value propositions directly from your customers allows us to go beyond guesswork.
We try to score ourselves and our competitors for the most important value propositions to get a gap analysis. The order of importance and the magnitude of the difference points us to the value propositions where we need to put the most effort.

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