Who is Stiza Consulting?

The Right Strategy, Planned Growth, Low Risk

We founded Stiza with the idea of a better approach to management consulting. Stiza combines operational excellence practices with strategic priorities and goals and guides for rapid access to the correct answers in all sectors of the business world. We offer our customers a different consulting experience: Develops, Motivates, Empowers. In all business processes, it works to add value to the brand and business of its customers with its performance-oriented working principle from A to Z.


We exist to increase and improve the competitiveness of the institutions and organizations we serve by producing practical and result-oriented projects. Furthermore, we aim to play an essential role in their sustainable growth and profitability by guiding them to spend their capital correctly.


To be a consulting company that helps organizations reach the most understandable, easiest to implement, and fastest to achieve strategic plans with our forward-looking management approach.

What are we doing?

  • We analyze your company’s current situation and needs.
  • We create solutions-oriented and practical recommendations.
  • We help you see and analyze your challenges and opportunities, today and in the future.
  • By focusing on your prioritized goals, we deliver rapid performance improvement.
  • We help your teams unleash their full potential.
  • We contribute to increased alignment and, as a result, understanding and collaboration between your teams.