Without monitoring and analyzing competitors, it is unrealistic to dream of being much better than them. However, it is complicated to grow market share and change customer loyalty in our favor without being better than them in many areas, especially those that customers value.
We create lists of competitors based on our target audience and the product groups, sectors, channels, and markets in which we operate. Then, we try to rank each list according to multiple criteria based on the different competencies and characteristics of the competitors.
Indirect competitors are also a group that we should not ignore.

We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a few of your competitors, which we consider the most accurate in terms of comparison, and help you identify areas of competence where you can gain a competitive advantage.
Examining the factors affecting this change for fast-growing and downsizing competitors is essential.
It is crucial to analyze and evaluate your competitors’ marketing activities and how visible and effective these activities are in their markets or globally.
By closely examining competitors, you can master changing market trends and gain advantages that can make a difference to competitors by seeing opportunities early.

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