A “suggestion system” is a system where businesses solicit input from their employees to improve company culture, reduce costs, or improve product quality, workplace efficiency, customer service, or working conditions. They are also called “Individual Suggestion Systems” or “Employee Suggestion Systems.”
Failure to utilize employees’ knowledge and mental competence is considered the 8th biggest loss. Stiza helps you to establish an effective suggestion system in your company and thus move forward as a thousand minds instead of one mind on many issues, such as improving quality, increasing productivity, and reducing losses.
Masaaki Imai is the author of the book Kaizen. In his book, M. Imai shares that the average number of suggestions per person per year in Japan reached 19 in the 1970s. Furthermore, the book states that the number of suggestions is about the same today, but the quality continues to improve.
Stiza helps your suggestion system to become widespread and brings quick and practical solutions to the losses that block your processes with activities such as Muda (loss) hunting.

Stiza contributes to your team leaders’ development by increasing your suggestion system’s effectiveness. Instead of giving instructions for solutions, field leaders collect ideas for answers and help implement solutions quickly.

By fostering the Asakai culture, Stiza creates an environment where team leaders gather analysis and suggestions for solutions. Then, leaders assist their teams in drafting proposals.

Suggestion award ceremonies keep motivation and continuity alive. In addition, small recognition awards for areas that may be a priority for the organization, such as quality, SMED, or OEE, accelerate improvement in these areas.

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