Never making a mistake is not possible. To be very experienced is often to have made many mistakes and learned from them. Learning from the mistakes of others is even more valuable.
The best companies also make mistakes. However, they are best because they learn from their mistakes and do not repeat them.
Stiza ensures the effective use of tools such as OPL (One Point Lessons) and Lessons Learned to establish a culture of learning from mistakes in your company.
Almost every day, we hear that some employees cause some problems or mistakes.

By promoting a culture of learning from mistakes, Stiza helps leaders to see that these problems are not caused by people but by the system and allows leaders to take actions that improve the system.
An OPL is a simple but powerful operational tool that uses pictures, symbols, and simple text to train operators to prevent a recurring problem or improve a process. The ideal OPL should fit on an A4 sheet, be prepared in half an hour, and be understood in 10 minutes.
Usually, the first supervisor gives the one-point lesson. Then, the first supervisor and the stakeholders of the process agree on the difference in methods and sign the OPL.
If the error recurs, the leader opens the OPL again. The leader and the stakeholders discuss what may have been left out of the method, agree, and update it.

The 4M analysis of a company that does not apply OPLs focuses mainly on human factors. Teams that start using OPLs find that errors are distributed evenly across other factors. As a result, leaders take action on the real root causes, and the quality of the 4M analysis improves over time. OPLs are also valuable databases for creating and updating Standard Work Instructions.
They constitute an essential resource for the on-the-job training of every new or temporary employee in the relevant business center. In addition, on-the-job training using OPLs creates opportunities for operators to learn from the mistakes of others.
We cannot solve complex problems with OPLs. For such issues, we expect leaders to perform kaizens that can result in Poke Yoke or Jidoka.

Office teams can also use OPLs. Office teams often refer to this form as Lessons Learned. The process stakeholder who influences the problem, not the leader, prepares the Lessons Learned form. The principle is the same. It includes the cause of the error and the change in the method to prevent it.

Stiza helps create a company culture that learns from mistakes by strengthening your employees’ habits of using OPL and Lessons Learned.

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