Competition forces companies to become increasingly more efficient and productive.

OEE, or Total Equipment Effectiveness, has become an industry standard against which organizations can compare themselves in terms of productivity with competitors and other companies.

With Stiza’s production efficiency applications, you determine the percentage of time you are productive and the percentage of time you utilize all your equipment.

You analyze the areas where your productivity is low and your losses are significant and take action.

Stiza performance loss measurement helps you see the size of your hidden losses, also known as small stops.

OEE measurements generate plenty of data to comment on your standard times. You improve your cycle times without having to time study all updates.

Stiza creates a strong awareness of losses and their distribution among your employees. Thus, for each machine and each line, you first realize the losses that you will improve and improve your losses with the help of kaizens.

Awareness of losses increases. Losses hidden in everyday work begin to be recognized. With loss hunting or muda hunting practices, your employees become capable of making their own methodical improvements.

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