Even the most excellent companies have hundreds of thousands of opportunities for improvement. Unfortunately, no company’s resources are large enough to improve opportunities regardless of order and importance.
We help you prioritize improvement opportunities with lean maturity assessment outputs and a lean transformation roadmap.
The Visual Management approach helps you increase the visibility of errors and losses in your priority areas. Then we support you in analyzing the root causes of critical problems and taking preventive actions.

With Visual Management, Stiza helps you monitor your competencies such as Quality at the Source, OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness), and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) daily and intervene quickly and on-site in case of problems.

It takes Supply Chain Management out of the rote by enabling you to establish a flow and KanBan (pull) system.
PDCA cycle and continuous improvement become an integral part of daily life.

Stiza lets you see the bottleneck steps of priority processes with value stream maps. The kaizens we will make for these bottleneck steps help the processes flow faster and more efficiently.
Employees’ problem-solving competence improves. As a result, company problems are solved not only by a few managers after they get big but by every level on the spot before they grow.

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