The OKR Maturity Assessment is an annual review recommended for companies implementing OKRs as a performance management tool as they progress along this journey. The assessment covers all departments through small group interviews in activity environments.
As a result of the assessment, the organization sees its potential to perform at a higher level and what its priority opportunities are with a detailed assessment report. If the organization repeats it every year, managers see which areas the organization has progressed faster and which places it has difficulty in change.
The major shortcoming of many analyses is not drawing any conclusion and a plan for the coming years. Therefore, a clear conclusion and two years roadmap are the most valuable outputs of the assessment.

The evaluation asks how effectively the contributors execute the core principles of the OKR system. In addition, it questions if the contributors use the tools needed effectively. Finally, the assessment gathers questions and answers to these principles and mechanisms.

It is possible to prepare a development plan by seeing the distance between the competencies that will help you excel in the areas you care about and the evaluation outputs.
In areas such as alignment or employee engagement, where the OKR methodology has a significant impact, we suggest making mini-surveys that help view evaluation results from different perspectives.

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